Twenty year old currently situated in South Africa, a country I am so very proud of. With this blog I not only express my passion for traveling, fashion, poetry and writing… But do I share my love for life itself.

In a fast and furious life consuming the lives and souls of many, it is easy to become somehow disorientated. The generational paradigm gap becomes bigger by the day, as our world evolve and grow and expand. As a member of the youth today, I strive to share my experiences in a world filled with dynamic change and excitingΒ twists and turns.

The beauty lies in the moment, theΒ time and space. The honesty of the scenery you find yourself in.

Black Flamingo the blog reflects on the nature of one single black flamingo thriving between hundreds of the common pink flamingos. He manages to live happily along with his society, though standing out between the masses. A true sense of individuality and uniqueness. This is what BLACK FLAMINGO the blog strives to promote.

Everything from expression through fashion, traveling, literature, poetry and all the things I know we all could relate to.

Warm-hearted in a cold world. That’s how you radiate the magnificent elements of life from inward outwards. Express who you are, and appreciate every moment.