Why travelling when you have the least money makes sense.

We are all familiar with the terms, “I have a test coming up!”, or “I don’t have enough money”. But let’s face it, do you really want to stay in the whole weekend when nearby getaway destinations awaits you? I don’t think so.


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While you are “captured” in your youth, you have the energy, the will, the open-minded attitude and the mastering of your procrastination skills on your side. Not only, as students, are we satisfied with a primitive, less luxurious getaway… But also do we create our own funky ways to eat for less, go “halfies” with friends, and crash with 3 other fellow mates in one double bed. We were given the talent to find alternatives. To create a lifestyle only we understand.


And ladies and gentlemen, this is WHY we need to travel now! When stress can be ignored (since the possibility of losing your house is not yet applicable), energy is sky high and our desire to travel drives us through the semester, only in need of that getaway. Whoever said students cannot explore the country or even the world, are WRONG!


Ways to get out there and make studying your second hobby.


1. Search your local getaway attractions.

There are many National Parks and game reserves roaming across South Africa. Whether it is a four hour drive or half an hour away, they are everywhere. Hop onto Safari Now (www.safarinow.com)  or SA Ventures (www.SA-Ventures.com) and search for destinations in your area which will reduce your travelling costs.


2. Become a CAMPER!

There is no other way to save costs than to start camping. Camping not only allows for a cheap and affordable getaways, but also does it add a good vibe and atmosphere to your time away. Camping can be very basic. Plan basic meals and get your team together. During your time away, your camp setup will enhance your relationships with all your friends and family as you share a sense of personal space, sharing not only your tent, but your trip to the toilet as well.


Check out: The Getaway’s article on “37 of South Africa’s best campsites” for deals starting at R80 pp per night. ( http://www.getaway.co.za/travel-stories/weekend-breaks/best-campsites-south-africa/ )


3. Hike.

Hiking, in my opinion, are completely underrated. Hiking truly is one of the best ways to have a getaway filled with nature, landscapes and a good time. Not only can hiking be free, but also does it allow you to unreservedly disconnect from life and society, introducing you to a new world for that set of time. Hiking is utterly affordable and can it be seen as a soul enriching getaway with those who’s company you enjoy.


Check out: Cape Union Mart’s article on “5 of South Africa’s best multi day hikes”(https://www.capeunionmart.co.za/5-of-south-africa-s-best-multi-day-hikes )

The Getaway’s article on “Best long-distance hiking trails in South Africa” (http://www.getaway.co.za/activities/hiking-activities/best-long-distance-trails-south-africa/)


4. Travel with no itinerary.

Nothing brings a more uncomfortable state of excitement than a trip with no arrangements, no bookings, no itinerary. The rush of not knowing where you are going will never get old. Plus, will it only allow you to travel according to what you can afford. When resources are scarce, set up camp. When food is little, bum in and buy some buns partnered with beef patties. Nothing beats a homemade burger with lots of relish and cheese.


4. Get a job.

Now we all know that jobs such as waitering, doing promotional work and handing out flyers are all options. But there are multiple ways on how to make money as a student, which most of us never knew about. Plus do many of them enable you to work from home without having to be at a specific location at a specific time.

Check out:  Save The Student’s article on “40 easy ways to make money quickly” (http://www.savethestudent.org/make-money/10-quick-cash-injections.html)


5. Just book the getaway already.

Once it’s booked, you’ll work harder to be able to attend the getaway. Even when you cannot afford it in that moment.


6. It’s okay to procrastinate on studies, but NEVER on travelling.

Okay, don’t take that too seriously. But still, rescheduling and delaying your travelling exhibitions will not only… well, delay them, but also create the opportunity for it to NEVER happen. Leaving you miserable, old and in regret, looking back at your years filled with lots of will power and physical energy, only to realise… You did NOTHING! Don’t be that guy. Enjoy life and know that the opportunity is created by yourself. Travels don’t just come knocking on your door. They are created, worked for and taken when available.


Our short getaway. A brisk 40 minutes drive from Pretoria. Experiencing the Bush veld breeze and the unpredictable nature of the Dinokeng Nature Reserve (http://www.dinokengreserve.co.za). It’s beauty awakening your soul to just grind harder the next upcoming week.


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Now get your student spirit on and start exploring what this world has to offer.


2 thoughts on “Why travelling when you have the least money makes sense.

  1. It is much easier to get away from the city if there are places available near by. I used to live in Turkey . Now I live in Finland. In Finland you can find a forest ,a lake and a grill place easily and keep your advice 🙂


    1. Very true. When situated in the city, a breakaway is much more needed at times, since you are so secluded from nature. But when living in the country-side, a getaway is much easier to incorporate into your lifestyle. Some of the best places are yet to be discovered.


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