“Show love to everybody, give love to few”



“We pull. We push. We try so hard to have this collision of perfection and order and rightness. We want it so badly. Everything to go as planned. We go about our lives and plan the days. The minutes.

The sequence of things that should be a spontaneous flow.
Trying so hard.

Aching to have control. To get what we want. When we don’t really know what we need.
We rush to places we are not supposed to be. We spend time with people we not supposed to see.

We love the ones who won’t love you back. We share stories with those who do not even care. How is it we do not see? See what is crucial. See what is worthy of your being.

It’s all a mess really, it’s all a mess.
We crave the touch of those who won’t touch the inners of your soul back. We want money, and clothes, acceptation and attention. When we actually need love, loyalty, partnership and companionship.

The thing is.

We are only wasting our own time. Wasting the purity and intimacy of your heart with those who go behind your back. Don’t share with those who do not carry your needs and desires at heart. Don’t sit with those who never push you up.  People-pleasers are just as dangerous, for they would say anything to be accepted by those who do not even care. Stick with the humble. Stick with the pure hearts, the go-getters. The positively set minds. Spend time with those who ask how you’ve been, seeing that they honestly care. Show loyalty to those who walk life with you, hand in hand.

Show love to everybody.

Give love to few.

It’s sad really. How we cannot see. Life is meant for the achievement of happiness. So find humility and tranquility with the beings that set you free.

Life is not meant to be planned, nor perfect. Life is bound to change. To evolve and grow and burst into wonderful sceneries and chapters. The change is fixed.

You can’t control that.

But what you can control, is with whom you share the immaculate bursts of vibrant colours and stomach aching laughs. Moments of deep happiness. Happiness over flooding the core of your soul.”


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