My character is my fashion.


As a member of the millenial generation, sadly, instagram has a way of being present in your life daily. As I scroll through the accounts of bloggers and photographers and models, I noticed something that many would agree with…

On social media, beauty and attractiveness is based on the amount of skin revealed in the photo. (Or so they want us to think)

What we do not realize is that not only do us more mature members of society view these (since we have the knowledge to reason this out for ourselves), but also do very vulnerable girls from very young ages. And the thought of them feeling they have to show more intimate features of their bodies to feel beautiful, is breakingly sad.
Beauty lies in the character of the human being featured in the photo. Beauty is how she carries herself amongst others, attractiveness is how she states her opinion even if she risks the approval of others. Honesty and raw pureness is when she laughs while throwing her hands in the air, cause life is good. Sexuality can be emphasized without showing an inch of skin. The female figure itself is art that shakes the souls of those recognizing not only the woman, but the person.

Yes! I am a modern 20th century woman, I do love the latest trends and impactful fashion statements. But not all needs to be exposed and revealed. Fashion can be mysterious, and so the woman practicing the art of fashion.

Feminity at it’s best. Pure shades of Β white and the touch of lace.

Happy May (peace)


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