Embracing your vulnerability.

People tend to think that by exposing your vulnerability, you become weak, a target, draw attention to your deepest fears and true self. Emphasizing the parts you feel unsure about, the weaknesses that every so often tap you on the back reminding you of their existence.

This for me. Is different.

Vulnerability simply is the collision of passionate emotions, gripping onto one another, creating this sense of expression. A state of being where you truly see. Even the mostly unseen parts of yourself. The times you connect with your deepest fears, your loudest aches for something real. The moment you know you feel it all, you see it all… and allowing others to see you raw.
Exposing your vulnerability only indicates true soul. True emotions and confidence in what you are. Giving all of yourself. Opening the caves of your heart, allowing others to explore the magnificence of your being.

Too much emotion is lost in our world, already too cold and too impersonal. Where will we end up if our true selfs and the expression of our emotions become lost? Honesty and purity has become vague in relationships, friendships, communication and interaction. Where as this should be the fundamentals of how we go about our daily lives.
Humble yourself and be true. Express how you feel. Embrace your opinions and principles you’ve created in life. Cherish relationships and people. We are all vulnerable and we are all human. Emotion sets fire to life, it allows the opportunity to FEEL alive.
Let’s get vulnerable for one another. Let’s spread the love through our honesty as individuals.
Burn your flame, baby! Life’s to cold already for more enclosed and shy hearts.

| My sister, one of the most expressive and honest people I know. Flaunting her inner self and internal nature to the camera |


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