‘Thai’ the knot and visit Thailand!

Since a very young age, I have known that traveling would be the one thing I’d always crave to do. New settings and seneries have always had the ability to influence how I see the world greatly, even if it were to be new places in my very own country. It just changes me. Uplifts me. Opens my way of thinking and reasoning.

Hard work and lots of saving up allowed me to start this journey to new experiences. It’s amazing how dedicated one can be towards something you deeply, fiercely want. I am proud to have accomplished this so early in my life, and now… the urging need to travel has caught flame and it’s burning brighter than ever before.
Experiencing both the city life (rural and luxurious) of Bangkok and the beachy sceneries of Phuket showed me the diversity in lifestyle of Thailand.
Khao San



As I infused with the people the food, the atmosphere…The way of life. I somehow forget who I am. Purely observing others. The “others” of a different country. An environment of poverty, prostitution, soul selling and close-minded perspectives. Suddenly as I was infiltrated by a culture of primitivity and appreciation for the basics in life. A life so real and true. Honest. Carefully I glared at the culture and the tradition of Khao San, seeing how some suffer. Also seeing how they are not shy for any hard work. Nor do they act inferior to tourists. They have no pretentious behavior. Only honesty, appreciation and dedication towards their religion.
Behind the poverty and the heart-wrecking way of how they live their daily lives, you would be utterly absent-minded to not notice the kindness and the warmth of their beings. It’s amazing how one with so little could give so much. Inspiring and motivating is what it is to somebody who has barely suffered as they do. And thankful I am for my blessed life. Also, disappointed in the times I’ve been unthankful at times. Their forced entrepreneurial skills have proven to assure their survival, and that only comes with discipline and consistency. The lower class, struggling layer in society is covered with kindness, chatty streets, lots of beer and interesting beings that can show one from far how life is lived when you have nothing. Eyes will be opened, memories will be made, but most importantly, lessons will be learnt. It’s your responsibility to incorporate your experiences in the presence of your own life.




Fast paced infrastructures and rapidly boiling streets. It’s a rush really. Being in the presence of so many individuals. All with dreams, all with desires and people they love and things they need. Constantly I find myself observing the people of Sukhumvit. They are open-minded and collected. Fiercely ambitious and… well, in liking of king prawns and tofu and rice noodles. The sky high buildings are a dominant characteristic which carries significance to this area of Bangkok, but what many do not notice is how the luxurious trees of concrete cover up the saddening and dirty streets resting at the foot of these buildings. One notices the characteristics seen in Khao San once you remove yourself from the status of Sukhumvit and place yourself in the roots of it all. Still… poverty and survival springs from these foundations of a city so vibrant and dynamic. Women sell their souls and men prey on those who suffer. Money manipulates the minds of those who are blind and somehow comforts those who are actually lost. I guess life is all about balance and somehow it seems like that is how it will always be. There are the poor to enable some to be rich. Money for some to have control. Those who barely walk the streets forget how those in the heart of the “luxurious” city suffer, unknowingly turning their heads towards designer shoes and fancy foods and sky high lounges. The contrast is wreckingly present. Only here, they live amongst each other, barely noticing the others.


Patong (Phuket)

The white glimmering beaches of Phuket is magical. The turqios water makes one nostalgic. Not sure why. But it has this sense of emotion to it. The purity, the transparency. Somehow reminds one of the fragility and exposed elements of one’s being. Reminding you that hiding yourself from the world only covers up the truth. Not allowing you to move forward. Restricting your freedom to just be.

Experiencing the two different lifestyles of a country, the extremes, shows one how grateful one should be for your current circumstances. Thailand truly is a rich country. Filled with beauty and kindness and honesty.
Seeing and experiences how the world does things truly imprints how you view the world greatly. Allowing you to form your identity on what you discovered.
I am truly more rich than ever.


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