Recently I’ve been watching women on several occasions going about their womenly lives. Caring for her children, having a serious conversation with her husband, socialising at a party. The roles of a women are so powerful and influencial, yet not appreciated as should be.

The young women of today find themselves in the middle of a game where something is wrong, but when looked at from another perspective, it could be right. Be sure to be present in the lives of your children, yet also work hard in your career and be succesful. Dress modestly and you will gain respect from others, yet the world suggessts that men prefer it less sophisticated.

The do’s and don’ts are in contradiction with one another, creating a mixture of uncertainty and chaos leading to a world filled with mesmirizing women, not knowing their worth and their beauty. Which breaks my heart!

The only thing I can certainly say is that, you are of more worth than what you think. There are people that love you, somebody that envied the way you showed kindness to a car gaurd this afternoon, an elderly that wished to have her youthful days for one more time when she saw you laughing with your friends, someone that yearns for love, as you kiss your husband sincerely, a little girl that looks up to you and say, “you are very beautiful”, with honesty and innocence in her eyes.

No matter what you look like, what you wear, what you eat, what you think you deserve or what someone else say you deserve will ever change what you can bring to the world. The gracious love of a women is something that will endure forever, that will forgive in times of anger. Love that will always be present even though not expected. The presence of a women adds passion, her eager heart to live life and be good at it. And yet, her attempts should be recognised and applaused.

You have the power to be who you want to be, and therefore only you can evaluate your heart and see what is truly winthin you.

He who is The Almight one is within you, and therefore you are exquisite and irreplaceable!

Outfit information

Jumpsuit / YDE

Shoes / Cotton On

Bomber jacket / Adidas


Photos taken by SheShoots Photography

IG: @sheshoots_


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