Too shiny?

Remember that odd, ‘too bling’ sequins dress that used to be your favorite item back in 7th grade? The chances you might still have it thrown to the back of your closet is very little. Too bad!

The bling movement, some may say kitch, has made a powerful return to the runways of top designers such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balmain, & not to speak about the endless celebraties strutting their glimmering statement items on the streets of New York. It is all about the balance between casualty and formality. The combination of a dramatic, exaggerated sequined jacket gives the twist in any casual outfit. A silver metalluc dress with your all time favorite Adidas sneakers… or the blinding sequined bag complimenting the tracksuit you basically sleep in.

It’s all daring, all overwhelming. But it is a trend that should be tried by all, and ignored by little.

Jacket | YDE

Top | Cotton On

Jeans | Factorie

Heels | Zoom


Photos taken by the talented SheShoots

IG: @sheshoots_


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